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Creative Block Series
Clarity, creativity and regain self-belief!

Nama:'s unique approach combines visualization, breathwork, and energy healing techniques to help you achieve your goals.

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Image by Le Minh Phuong

Day 1
Deep Breathing Meditation

Ground yourself with this simple, yet effective technique you can do anywhere, anytime - before an important meeting, when you have some time to yourself or when you wake up or just before going off to sleep.

Image by Holly Mandarich

Day 2
Life Flow Meditation

This visualization-based meditation will fill you with ease, calm and complete trust in your life journey.


Day 3
Super Confidence

We all need a little dose of inspiration from time to time, especially from ourselves. This powerful and positive track will allow the universal forces to support you in your endeavours.

White Sand and Stone

Day 4 & 5
Take a break!

Image by Braedon McLeod

Get your mojo back and get those creative juices flowing with this awe-inspiring meditation.

Day 6
Generate Creativity & Ideas

Image by Tobias Rademacher

Day 7 for experienced meditators
Generate Passion and Energy

Here's a powerful Reiki meditation to bring back the zest and passion you've been missing in your work and life in general. It helps you convert all the stress, anger, and other low vibrating emotions into fuel for positivity, forward movement and growth.

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