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Cultivate inner peace and an abundant life. 

Available Globally. Join from anywhere, anytime! 

Nama: by Kanchi Dheer

Inspired by the Sanskrit word Namah, which means 'to bow', Nama: invites you to bow and surrender to your inner intelligence system. 


It's our mission to make good quality meditation practices easy for everyone to follow consistently. 

Nama:'s unique methodology combines visualization, breathwork, and energy healing techniques that empower you to transform your life.


Our virtual studio has 50+ pre-recorded guided meditation tracks, multiple live sessions, and programs so that you can choose what suits you best! 

All meditations are original to Nama: and are meticulously created by Kanchi Dheer and our team of experts to assist you in your journey to inner peace, joy and abundance. 



Image by Scott Webb

Removing Career Blocks

Get the confidence and clarity you need while learning how to ground yourself before important meetings, manage burnout, and hold your own in environments that are out of your comfort zone.

Re-train yourself to enjoy and appreciate little moments of joy and gratitude on a regular basis.

Pain Management

The mind-body connection is a powerful one and when backed the power of our intention to heal, can have miraculous effects on pain management. 

Finding your
Life Purpose

Discover what truly sets your soul on fire and establish a life path that brings you authentic joy, peace and stability!


Create energetic space to improve focus and also allow ideas to come to you naturally and idyllically.

Better Focus & Creativity

Managing Anxiety & Stress

Develop ways to manage triggers calmly, without monitoring your thoughts, and discover techniques you can do anywhere to manage symptoms.


Relationship with Yourself

Develop a healthy relationship with your authentic self to reinforce your capabilities and lead a calm and abundant life. 

Learn to manage racing thoughts, anxiety and other stressors that keep you up at night, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. 

Regular Sleep

Finding Joy

How Nama: Meditation can help you


Nama: invites you to create inner peace and joy


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Anytime, Anywhere

I tried the career meditation just on a whim, and after listening to it only three times in one week, I got a raise at my job and complete clarity on which direction I want to take my career in. The right people and advisors just started coming to me!

 Ratu, Mumbai 

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