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Calming Reiki for Pets


Reiki Track




13 Mins

Reiki Healing in small, measured doses, has a positive impact on animals. The loving energy of this reiki-infused track will ensure that your fur babies are calm, peaceful and relaxed especially if they've been feeling scared, anxious, unsafe or hyper.

Just press play and let your pet relax!

What you can expect

  • Relieving anxiety, and nervousness while producing a state of calm.

  • Feelings of safety and overall well-being including better eating habits. 

  • Helps pets get through depression or bereavement.

How to Meditate

  • Play this on speaker for the pet to listen to.

  • Play it as often as you like.

  • Please don't operate machinery or drive while listening to this.

Reiki, meditations and all alternative healing practices are complementary to and not a substitute for serious medical conditions. Please use your discretion before following any guidance. For more information please go to our FAQ section.

Your Instructor


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