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Hara Meditation to Connect with your Intuition - 12 Mins


Guided Meditation




12 mins

In the medical tradition of Japan, hara refers to the soft belly, i.e. the area roughly two inches below the belly button. It's one of the body's most powerful energy centres and has the power to bring stillness, quiet determination, and confidence into our experience. Connecting with this energy field also helps us bond deeply with our intuition - a sense of deep knowing, which in turn helps us with living our lives intentionally.

This meditation comes in 12 and 20 minute version.

If you would like a version of this without background music, do let us know!

What you can expect

  • A deep connection with your intuition.

  • Confidence, stillness and determination.

  • The power to change your life by changing your vibration and energy field.

How to Meditate