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Guided Meditation




20 Mins

Pronounced Ho-opono-ponopono

To make things right and be in balance. A simple, yet profound traditional Hawaiian prayer that encourages us to take radical responsibility for our circumstances.

The modern Ho’oponopono technique stems from the philosophy that at our core, we are not things that happen to us (memories, circumstances, conditioning etc.) but are pure consciousness- which is the state of no - thing. To operate from this state, we need to clear away all the energy that we build up over time, which might show up as our circumstances, experiences etc.

By taking responsibility for these circumstances, we also have the power to change them seeking forgiveness and love, expressing gratitude and also by forgiving people, places, and things, and most importantly ourselves - this helps us clear away subconscious memories and painful experiences.

It has been practised and popularised by Dr Hew Lin and Joe Vitale. Dr Len was a clinical psychologist who by performing Ho’oponopono cured many patients in his lifetime, including a ward of criminally insane patients without ever meeting them!

What you can expect

  • A transformational shift by being intentional about the experiences you welcome in your life.

  • More empathy and understanding for yourself and the people around you.

  • Stop repeating patterns that are negative or that don't align with you anymore and attract what you really want.

  • Change unsupportive conditional beliefs that may be passed down from generations, families or society.

How to Meditate