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In the Gap Meditation


Visualization Meditation




15 Mins

Getting into 'The Gap' means entering the space between our thoughts! The beautiful space where you experience 'no thoughts' and anything and everything is possible.

This meditation not only helps us improve our meditation techniques overall but also allows for energetic space for new ideas and experiences to enter our life. This meditation is inspired by and is an ode to the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, one the most popular spiritual leaders of recent times and a personal favourite of Kanchi.

What you can expect

  • Mindfulness and an abundance of peace

  • Feelings of gratitude, warmth, and complete trust in the universe.

  • Improved focus, especially while meditating

  • New experiences and ideas

How to Meditate

  • Get comfortable and follow along.

  • With practice, you will be able to get to this state of being without any prompts or guidance.

Your Instructor


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