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Reiki Meditation to Develop Creativity & Ideas


Reiki Meditation




19 Mins

Get your mojo back with this awe-inspiring distant reiki meditation session. It is designed to get you in a state of calm so that you can connect with yourself and get your creative juices flowing again!

Got a case of writer's block, going through an artistic dry phase, need help to ideate at work or in personal life? You name it and this Reiki Meditation will help you with it all!

What you can expect

  • Ideas, insights and solutions for your project

  • Confidence in your ability to complete your tasks and projects.

  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm

All good things take time and healing is not an overnight process so please be patient with yourself and trust the process!

How to Meditate

  • Listen to it as often as you like.

  • Please don't listen while driving or operating any machinery.

  • Reiki, meditations and all alternative healing practices are complementary to and not a substitute for serious medical conditions. Please use your discretion before following any guidance. For more information, please read our FAQs

Bonus Tip! Learn to identify if this is just a case of a one-off block or chronic burnout. If it happens too often then it could probably be the latter.

Your Instructor


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