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Calming Reiki For Kids

Let your child's anxiety melt away with gentle Reiki energy. This audio track guides them towards a peaceful inner haven, promoting serenity and well-being.

available for all Nama members


Reiki Healing


20 Minutes




This meditation can help you

  • Soothing sounds and gentle Reiki energy create a calming atmosphere for your child.

  • Reiki promotes feelings of comfort and security, a foundation for emotional well-being.

  • A relaxed and balanced state of mind can encourage open and authentic self-expression.

How to meditate

  • Create a comfortable space for your child to lie down or sit quietly.

  • Press play on the speaker and allow your child to listen as often as needed.

  • This track, and all our meditations, are intended to complement, not replace, medical treatment.

  • Don't play while operating machinery or driving.

Calming Reiki For Kids

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