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Hoʻoponopono Meditative Prayer

Pronounced Ho-opono-ponopono. A traditional Hawaiian prayer that is both simple and profound with the remarkable ability to transform our life.

available for all Nama members


Visualization Meditation


20 Min & 40 Min




Benefits of 

Hoʻoponopono Meditative Prayer

  • Transformational shift by being purposeful about the experiences you want in your life.

  • Greater empathy and understanding for yourself and those around you.

  • Breaking free from negative patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you, and attracting what you truly desire.

  • Overcoming unsupportive conditional beliefs that may have been passed down from previous generations, families, or society.

How to meditate

Allow yourself to be led through this meditative prayer and recite the simple yet powerful Ho'oponopono phrases: "I am sorry", "Please forgive me", "I love you", "I thank you".

Your Instructor

Hoʻoponopono Meditative Prayer


Listen to a sample

Hoʻoponopono Meditative Prayer

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