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Reiki Flow for Sharp Focus

Feeling scattered? Wish you could silence the mental chatter and truly concentrate? This guided Reiki meditation is here to help. By channeling Reiki energy, we'll cultivate a state of focused clarity, enhancing your concentration and mindfulness.

available for all Nama members


Reiki Meditation


20 Minutes




This meditation can help you

  • Effortlessly tune out distractions and improve your ability to stay on task.

  • Shift your energy to cultivate a profound sense of presence in the moment.

  • This meditation can inspire positive lifestyle changes that support focus, including healthy sleep and dietary practices.

How to meditate

  • Find a comfortable, quiet environment where you can fully relax and avoid interruptions.

  • Press play and allow the soothing narration to guide you on your journey. Listen as often as needed to deepen your practice and strengthen your focus.

  • While falling asleep during the session is perfectly natural, avoid listening while driving or operating machinery.

Reiki Flow for Sharp Focus

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