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One-on-one private meditation class to take your meditation practice to the next level.

Start your meditation journey

Let go of your to-dos and the worries of the week and challenge yourself in a safe environment. This session is perfect for when you want to get any questions answered, tweak your meditation practice and prefer something that suits you best. Unwind to the sound of soothing music and your instructor, Kanchi's guided meditation.


About your instructor

A former marketing strategy professional who has worked and lived in multiple countries, Kanchi Dheer is from India and is a Meditation Practitioner for over a decade.
She is also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher - Usuai Method of Reiki (12th Generation), Certified Ho'oponopono Healer and a Pranayama Teacher In-Training. 


Through all the trials, tribulations, wins and losses she has faced, her meditation practice has been a constant anchor in Kanchi's life. She believes that anyone can cultivate inner peace and a deep sense of self with courage, persistence, patience and finding techniques that suit them! 

Image by Scott Webb

Removing Career Blocks

Get the confidence and clarity you need while learning how to ground yourself before important meetings, manage burnout, and hold your own in environments that are out of your comfort zone.

Re-train yourself to enjoy and appreciate little moments of joy and gratitude on a regular basis.

Pain Management

Manage pent up energy and complement your healing journey with meditations designed to assist with managing aches and pain. The mind-body connection is a powerful one and when backed the power of our intention to heal, can have miraculous effects on pain management. 

Finding your
Life Purpose

Discover what truly sets your soul on fire and establish a life path that brings you authentic joy, peace and stability!


Create energetic space to improve focus and also allow ideas to come to you naturally and idyllically.

Better Focus & Creativity

Managing Anxiety & Stress