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Absorbing the Present: Before Leaping Into 2024

Updated: Apr 28

Contemplating life
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We've all done this - come December, we rush towards the new year, impatiently awaiting our new chapter, a do-over, a promise of change overnight. 


We sprint through life, headlines and photos blurring, faces vanishing.

The next image, reel, post, short - each second demands attention, then whisks us to the next dopamine rush.

Feeling our feelings

Days fly by, ripped off like to-do lists. In our effort to feel good, to be more productive, and to find quick fixes, we often miss the point of truly stopping to smell the coffee. To truly connect with ourselves good or bad. 

In an effort to feel joy, we miss what sadness is trying to teach us. 

Embracing sadness doesn't mean wallowing in negativity.  

It's about acknowledging its presence, understanding its message, and learning from its wisdom. It's about giving yourself a break.  

As we chase perpetual happiness, we miss the wisdom hidden in the tears. Sorrow isn't the enemy, but a teacher, offering lessons in resilience, empathy, and authenticity. 

Mindfulness: The Pause We Need

By practising mindfulness, we can embrace the full spectrum of emotions, allowing disappointments to guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Only then can we truly appreciate the sweet taste of joy against the backdrop of a life fully lived in all its light and shadow. 

Mindfulness is not an esoteric concept reserved for a select few - it's a step-by-step shift in lifestyle. It's a commitment to direct attention instead of letting it be hijacked.

Embrace 2023's Last Days: 

Let's try something new: absorb these precious moments- the ones that make us feel positive and negative. Truly feel what they are trying to tell us. Take a minute to smell the coffee, admire the sunrise, cry those tears, and hold a hand without checking your phone.

Make these final days an ode to self-awareness, a celebration of the present.


Sitting In Silence program to help you embrace the moment.

A daily practice that lasts 21 days, designed to help you embrace stillness and the need to do anything. 


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